Revisiting Warlick

May 9, 2009 at 1:14 pm (twitter)

The last time I posted, I was sitting in a David Warlick keynote presentation with a laptop.  I didn’t know it was Bring Your Own Laptop (BYOL) until the day before so borrowed one from a friend as I don’t have my own.  This was a brand new experience for me.  

Today, my blog reader of choice, Bloglines, seems to be down and I’m itching to read some blogs, even the ones that I never seem to be able to catch up on.  Earlier this week I was giving a fellow Teacher-Librarian a tutorial on the social bookmarking site Diigo.  I asked if she knew what a blog reader was and she didn’t.  She has blogged for a university class she was taking but hadn’t been introduced to a blog reader.  Since she already had a Google account, because she worked with a class that had collaborated using Google Maps, I suggested she try the blog reader that is included with a Google Account.  To this point, I had never used Google Reader as I chose to use Bloglines over a year ago.   However, knowing how to use one blog reader is easily transferrable to another blog reader and before she was done she was reading some of the blogs that I follow.   Incidentally, I asked where/how she learned about using Google Maps with students.  She said she didn’t.  She just learned along side them!  What a model for 21st Century learning!

So, today, I have been catching up on David Warlick via Google Reader.  Since Bloglines isn’t working, I grabbed one of the feeds that I love but, by following one of my mottos of saving the best for last, I never seem to catch up on.  What a feast I have been having. 

Something that has been naggling at the back of my mind was an article that I came across (don’t remember how).  I quickly dismissed “Hyperlocal Websites Deliver News Without Newspaper” as all the cities that were mentioned were much larger than where I live so I didn’t believe it was something like this was possible in a city that, in comparison, was relatively small. 

How wrong I was. 

At the end of April I tweeted to one of tweeters that I follow after seeing #yeg after one of her tweets.  I knew that it was the Edmonton airport code but I didn’t know why the pound sign followed by an abreviation or other combinations of letters or numbers or words were starting to pop up on the tweets of the tweeters that I was following.  I learned that it was used to search.  That’s when I discovered Twitter Search where I plopped the #yeg hashtag, as I was learned it was called, and found the latest tweets from Edmontontonians.  Then last weekend, via a Joyce Valenza tweet, I learned of  Visible Tweets.  I was quickly mesmorized by one letter flying at a time or blocks of text of the tweets of others flying across my desktop.

Which got me thinking about the hyperlocal article again.  I don’t remember where I came across it.  Email? Twitter?  Who knows.  But I wanted to find it.  So, to Google I went and typed in what I remembered: blog AND news AND neighborhood AND “new york” as I knew that the article was about news from blogs that were collected by neighborhoods in New York.  And, lo and behold, 0.21 seconds later, I had my answer.  Which reminded me of something that Warlick quoted here: kids need to know how to be able to pluck the answers out of the air.  And, I might had, so to their teachers!


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