Blog Scaffolding

April 6, 2008 at 7:33 pm (blog)

Richardson suggests the following scaffolding for blogging.  I believe the increasing complexity reflects both the age as well as the skill level of the blogger. 

  1. Model the deconstruction of site design for students.
  2. Model how to write about what is useful at a site as well as what is missing or what would make more useful.
  3. Provide students with sites to write about.
  4. Ask students to find interesting and relevant sites to write about.
  5. “[Recruit] an audience [teachers, friends, parents] to interact with students, allowing them to begin exploring what it means to write with an ear for readership and enter into conversations about ideas” (33)
  6. Have student ask questions and reflect on answers from primary sources: authors, scientists, historians
  7. Compare information from different sources
  8. Reflect on the process of determining which sources are trustworthy and which are not
  9. Structure ways to integrate reader response
  10. Extended topic of study and reflection

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