Social Bookmarking or Social Networking or Both?

March 27, 2008 at 6:29 pm (social networking) and Shelfari are websites dedicated to books.  If someone is so inclined they could keep track of the books they read, would like to read or books they own and tag, annotate, share or comment.  In a way, it is a way of bookmarking what you have read, want to read, own or any combination of the three.  It is also a way to share and discuss and collaborate with like-minded individuals.  Is it simply social bookmarking?  Or does it also have elements of social networking as well?  Or is a hybrid?  I can’t decide so I will just call it LibraryThing!  Incidentally, LibraryThing now links with Google Books (LibraryThing Blog, March 13, 2008)

My test search was for Stephanie Meyer as her Twilight series is very popular right now.  I also searched Gordon Korman who is also a favorite.  When I “stopped by” I felt like I was dropping in on a book club discussion!  This could replace a hand written student reading log or even a reading response journal and would help students connect to others reading the same book, suggest titles and share what they are reading with a wider audience outside of school which could include family, friends and peers from near and far. 


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