Podcasting Lingo

February 17, 2008 at 3:40 pm (podcasting)

To assist my colleagues, who joke with me saying they need a dictionary to be able to understand my blog postings, I thought I would dedicate this post to them: podcast lingo. If quoted definitions are not identified, they come from Gwen Soloman and Lynne Schrum’s  web 2.0: new tools, new schools (2007) .

“created by combining Apple’s iPod and broadcast, can mean both the content and the method of delivery” which is “distinguished by its ability to be downloaded automatically using software capable of reading RSS feeds.”  The word was first used by Ben Hammersley, journalist for The Guardian, in 2004.  It was selected as the word of the year in 2005 by the New Oxford American Dictionary (PoducateMe).  May also be called “audiocasting” or “blogcasting. 


podcastee slang for someone who listens to, or subscribes to, podcasts

podcatcher program used to subscribe to podcasts such as iTunes (loaded on PC) or Odeo (web based)

podcaster “host or author of a podcast”

podcasting “a way to distribute multimedia files such as music or speech over the Internet for playback on mobile devices and personal computers”

free audio recording software 
chicklets” buttons that indicate an available RSS feed (PoducateMe)
episode one part of a podcast; a podcast could be made up of regular (daily, weekly, monthly) or sporadic episodes
hot” podcast recorded too loud (PoducateMe) 
iPod a brand name of personal music player
MP3 the file type that podcasts are available in; can be played on any MP3 players, personal computers as well as some PDAs  and cellphones (PoducateMe)
enhanced a podcast that includes images or video
embedded an MP3 file inserted in a blog post
podcast soundstage where a podcaster records the audio; comprised of a computer with an internet connection, software and some sort of recording device.
timeshifting “the ability to choose the time and place of listening to content” (PoducateMe).
Time Shift Tool in Audacity the two-headed arrow that can be used to line up the timing in different sound tracks including music, multiple voices or sound effects
vodcast a collection of video episodes

I know that this isn’t a complete list but I hope it is a place to start. 


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  1. arllennium said,

    One of my colleagues sent me the following email regarding this glossary. I post it here in the comments with permission.

    Thanks for the dedication on the latest blog!! I feel soooo special. I even actually understood some of it this time 🙂

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