Podcast Debut – Keeping With A Polar Bear Theme

February 17, 2008 at 3:34 pm (podcasting)


Even though it is supposed to be easy to add MP3 files to a blog post in WordPress, there is a $50 cost associated with doing this.  So I followed Elizabeth and Rhonda’s lead, and posted my Podcast to free space hosted by the Internet Archive.  I would love to include the XSPF Web Music Player (I learned what it was called in Ovadia’s PoducateMe) that is used at the Internet Archive into my sidebar like Rhonda did but sadly, WordPress does not support any Flash.  I’m beginning to think that WordPress may not be the best blogging option since it does not allow for any Flash extras that I would love to incorporate. 

Depending on which source you consult, some say a podcast is any audio individuals make available online.  Others say that technically it’s not a podcast unless you can subscribe to it through podcatcher RSS feed.  Since this is my debut podcast, I’m going to go with the first definition . . . for now!  Unfortunately, none of the three RSS options provided by Internet Archive would work in my blog.   

It took three hours from start to finish to learn how to create a podcast, create one, upload it and link to it from my blog.  I watched the Brian Cooley’s “Weekend Project” series at CNET which was recommended to me by a colleague.  Cooley estimated that it would take four hours so I’m happy I did it in less time, although as Elizabeth mentioned on WebCT, this took a lot longer than the other tools we have learned about thus far.

Determined not to give up on an RSS feed, I searched podcasting at School Library Journal which led me to a very short post called “The Podcasting Diva!”  This then led me to the Rambling Librarian at which I noticed an Odeo icon button.  Looks to me like Odeo is an online version of iTunes, a tool to subscribe to podcasts, but Odeo lets you access your podcasts from any internet connection.  Odeo suggested trying Switchpod for free hosting so I did.  In addition to Internet Archive, my podcast is available at Switchpod.  This makes me happier because I now have a podcatcher RSS feed: http://www.switchpod.com/users/arllennium/feed.xml. I tried Feedburner that Will Richarson recommended but, sadly,  I couldn’t figure it out.

I then added my RSS feed to Odeo and now have another podcatcher feed: http://odeo.com/profile/Arllennium/rss.  This one is a little different in that others can subscibe to what I subscribe to – kind of like a social bookmarking of podcasts.  It can also be linked to directly and played off of this webpage.  I wish I could customize my “podcast social bookmarks” and that it didn’t have all the advertising like the Rambling Librarian but to do that you need to pay a fee.  I like that Odeo also offers this tool so that you can listen to my audio in my blog even if you can’t subscribe from it.  I tested both the Switchpod and Odeo podcatcher RSS feeds in iTunes and they worked! 



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