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February 17, 2008 at 3:36 pm (podcasting)

There are lots of options for listeners looking for podcasts.  Anna Adam and Helen Mowers’ have a companion wiki for their SLJ article “Listen Up! The Best in Educational Audio” (December 2007) which provides links to all places mentioned in the SLJ article.  It’s convenient when all the links are together rather than spread throughout the article.  Some links take you to webpages to find out more about what podcasts are available.  Others are the direct subscription feeds for your preferred podcatcher, whether using your desktops iTunes or online through Odeo.  The benefit of an online podcatcher is that you can access your preferred podcasts from anywhere, like social bookmarks.  However, in the case of Odeo, I’m not crazy about some of the content or the advertising.   

Based on the links in the wiki I visited Learn Out Loud where I took the screencast tour, that is just over four minutes.  I really enjoyed the Art History in Just a Minute vodcast about woodcuts by Durer.  Students could create an audio MP3 to accompany their analysis of a picture that they have captioned in Flickr.

Language learners can benefit from practice offered at blogs like this ESL one.  In iTunes, languge lessons like those at Chinesepod.com are among the most popular.  Madrid Young Learners Podcast has embedded podcasts with practice questions for language learners.

This iTunes U will automatically open in iTunes where you can access different categories.   I was surprised to see the mug shots of our local news anchors.  I temporarily forgot that anyone can submit their feed to iTunes or other sites for others to access. 

Nancy Keane has an extensive list of booktalks.  You can access information about how to subscribe on the bottom right hand corner of her webpage which is what I did.  When I subscribed, I could see all the available episodes in iTunes and only select and download the ones that I wanted to listen to.  I would love for them to be separated by grade level so that I didn’t have to sift through all the elemenentary ones, particularly division one. 

Will Richardson also offered a few suggestions.  An education search at PodcastAlley returned many options.  I chose “History According to Bob.”  After I subscribed to it, I saw the episodes range from 4 minutes to 45 minutes.  I chose an Aztec one as someone had just asked me for resources on this topic.  Unfortunately, I found the voice unbearable and had to turn it off!  While the Yahoo Search – Audio Search provides another option for finding audio, the links have very little discription which makes it hard to idenfity if it is really what you are looking for.  I enjoyed the alternative content of Radio Diaries and The World Behind the Headlines

Young people are podcasting, too, on their own outside of school.  Martina Butler, who started when she was 15, has been podcasting for three years at Emo Girl Talk and was the first teen to have corporate sponsorship (Braun, L.W. (2007).  Teens, technology and literacy; or , why bad grammar isn’t always bad.).


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