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January 27, 2008 at 3:52 pm (Uncategorized)

I was curious about Elizabeth’s discussion of Flickr toys or mashups so I decided to check them out.  

As  interesting as Mappr looks, I couldn’t actually figure out how to use it!  It looks like it only draws upon the public images in Flickr.  In contrast, once you subscribe to Trippermap and log in, you can access your Flickr pictures and it emails you when your map is ready.  As someone who travels lots, I like the capability of using my own images in the classroom as I am able to share the stories behind them.   

I also like the Flickr Postcard Browser.  This online application allows you to type in a keyword and public images on Flickr will be posted on your screen on a black background like postcards.  Once again I searched Moscow.  I also searched Alberta.  You can click on one image and then scroll through the images using the arrow keys on your keyboard. 

This one reminds me of elementary school when sentences had words in them and you had to identify the word.  Or we did word riddles that were all pictures.  flickReplacr is saved in your bookmarks.  When at a webpage, highlight a word, click on the bookmark and it will replace it with an image.  Unfortuantely, my Internet Explorer at home is an older version so the images didn’t show up.  I look forward to trying this one at school on FireFox as I’m finding that IE isn’t keeping up with lots of the widgets.

Somewhat related, now that I think of it, I first heard the word widgets at a professional development session in the fall that was sharing some of the new resources available at and the Online Reference Centre.  A consultant mentioned that to be able to use lots of the widgets, we would need to use Firefox.  I would think the same would apply to these mashups.  Now I know what he was talking about!

Unfortunately, for security reasons, WordPress does not support Flash so the Flickr Badge will not work in my blog.  (Neither will the Word of the Day that Rhonda has set up in her sidebar but WordPress does provide some alternatives that use the RSS widget.)

I found Trippermap, Flickr Postcard Browser, and flickReplacr mashups at Flickr Services.

Rhonda’s linked to fd’s Flickr Toys where you can create your own inspirational posters among many other things.  Don’t forget to scroll down on this page as I did the first time.  This Create a Customized Movie Poster From Your Digital Photos could be a new spin on an old assignment where students create a movie poster for a book they are reading.  Or students could Create a Customized Magazine Cover for what they predict will be the new story or most influential person of the year. 

These actually reminded me of a Wanted Poster creator that I have used.   I make them up for displays of authors of different books or for visiting authors.  Kids really enjoy it and could make their own of characters in books or history for example. 

There are more ideas at the larger site,, where you can put your name on a photo of rocket or customize the letters of the famous Holleywood sign.  These images could then be incorporated into blogs or digital storytelling. 



  1. Katie said,

    Hi Arlene,
    I never really thought of using the Flickr tools. I was just thinking about the actual posting and sharing aspect. I just started to create my own posters using Fireworks and our school has a fancy printer. I have made all of the posters for my monthly book themes- and I can create the illusion that I am really talented. I’m going to check out the tools you mentioned- just so I can look even more talented!! 🙂

  2. elizabeth said,

    Arlene, I can sure see why Flickr is so poplular with all the different toys and apps. It certainly appeals to my creative side and I imagine it would do the same for the students. I would be fun to demonstrate Flickr at a staff meeting and get input from the various departments as to how they see using Flickr in their teaching.

  3. Val said,

    Hi Arlene:
    I liked your work with flickreplacr. I hope to explore that further. The Glass Giant site is great for ideas. The possibilities seem endles. Great blog!

  4. Ronda said,

    Hi Arlene,

    I enjoyed reading about how you explored some of the Flickr tools for the creative uses of photosharing. You have pointed out some great potential uses which I hope to take a look at sometime soon. Your pictures look amazing!


  5. Ronda said,

    Hi Arlene,

    Thank you for sharing your discovery of the potential uses for the Flickr tools. I hope to try out some of these creative ideas sometime soon. Very inspiring!


  6. Cindy said,

    Hi Arlene,

    Cool ideas for using Flickr tools! Creating an author poster would be a great way of doing a ‘book report’ using technology. You have inspired me!


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