Flickr – Real Life Examples

January 26, 2008 at 9:52 am (Uncategorized)

I explored the links in Will Richardson’s Flickr chapter in Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, and Other Powerful Web Tools for Classroom (2006), including 7th Grade Math which looks interesting but is not longer updated.

I visited David Jakes’ Classroom Uses for Flickr which is a part of his blog The Strengh of Weak Ties.  He actually has a webpage dedicated to Flickr sites: JakesOnline!: Flickr Sites.  He has also linked words in Carl Sandburg’s poem “Chicago” to pages in Flickr tagged with the same words such as wheat.  (Coming from the praires, I’m a bit biased here.)  Richardson quotes Jakes description of this as “a 21st Century product . . . that would be the result of 21st Century open source thinking and learning.”

I also visited James Tubbs’, as recommended by Richardson, and clicked on the Flickr label that linked to so many ideas!  Among my favorites was Ciara’s discussion of rational vs. irrational numbers.  I never would have thought of pictures being used like this in math.  I appreciate that Tubbs explains the reality of getting students started in doing somthing like and how it improved over time.


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  1. Blog Finale? « InfoTech4Lrng said,

    […] I’ve always wanted to have students write poems that were hyperlinked so that a reader could go from one poem to the next by clicking on one word.  This is so much easier if using a blog or a wiki because knowledge of HTML is not required.  David Jakes takes this idea a step futher by linking words in Carl Sandburg’s poem “Chicago” to pages in Flickr tagged with the same words such as wheat. (”Flickr – Real Life Examples“)  […]

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