Introduction: Setting up a Blog Aggregator a.k.a. RSS feed

January 20, 2008 at 8:06 pm (blog)

Now that I had all these links to the blogs of my classmates, I wanted – no needed – to sign up for a blog aggregator.  As I was linking to the blogs of others from my own blog, I saw that others were already posting and didn’t want to have to go to each to read them.  I chose the recommended Bloglines.  Again, within a few minutes, I’m sure less than five, I had it all set up and could see everyone’s introductory posts in one place.  One-stop shopping just like Walmart.  (Actually, I’m not a fan of Walmart but that’s another story.)  I was proud of our collective accomplishments as a week earlier none of us had a blog to reflect on our professional development.  I spent the most time trying to figure out commenting on the posts of others.  For some I had to go to their original post to comment; for others, I could comment though Bloglines.  Above all, the most time consuming was trying to delete the default blog feeds.  I kept searching for some link or button or specific instruction only to realize that I could “drag and drop” what I didn’t want into the icon-labeled image of a trash can.  I asked myself, “could it really be this easy?”  I gave my head a little shake as I thought about how my old ways were getting in the way of how easy this really is.  Is all Web 2.0 this easy?!   

As an adult, I think this is easy.  However, I predict students will think it is even easier than I do because they don’t have the “old ways,” ways that I first learned how to do things and how I some how still expect them to be, holding be back.  I will have to think about this one some more.   




  1. Joanne de Groot said,

    Hi Arlene,

    I had to become an RSS feed convert about a year ago, when I found I had so many blogs that I wasn’t managing them very well–I had them all bookmarked and would go through each bookmark to see if there was anything new. It was impossible to keep up and it took so much time. Bloglines has been a great thing for me and it is a fast way to keep up to date!


  2. arllennium said,

    I’m loving Bloglines, Joanne, and already thinking about how I could “convert” some of my colleagues. I have been wondering if it is possible for posts to go directly to someone’s email. I guess it would then be a listserv and not a blog. I will have to do some more research on that one. I have visions of some people never checking their feed so that they won’t know that there are new blog posts.

  3. steph said,

    Hi Arlene,
    What a lot of great stuff! Reading your process inspires me to keep plugging away. Soon not everything will be ‘first-time-fresh-and-frustrating. I will persevere with the RSS stuff.I am just finding clear-headedness unattainable after a full day at school. Maybe some things have to be attempted before the high school day begins.

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