Introduction: Selected RSS Feeds

January 20, 2008 at 8:14 pm (blog)

For ideas for blogs to “subscribe” to, I looked no further than Valenza’s information fluency wiki and “Blogging and the Media Specialist” by Doug Johnson in the March 2006 issue of Leading & Learning with Technology.  When I had explored the Valenza’s wiki while “Getting Started” I wanted to be able to go back and check them out.  This way, they will come to me: Joyce Valenza, David Warlick, Will Richardson and Alan November.  I also selected the Edtechtalk.  What caught my interest at Edtechtalk was this post discussing RSS feeds for kids such as Highlights for Children (that’s still around!) and Discovery Science.  I’m sure it is only a matter of time before there are more RSS feeds for students.  Although, seeing all the blog posts that are unread in my Bloglines stresses me out a bit, I will have to learn to get over this. I never had any idea what RSS feeds were before or how many there are!  School Library Journal has 40 different feeds listed here.  I can’t believe the world that this has just opened up for me and I don’t have to go searching for it because it comes to me!



  1. Dennis O'Connor said,

    The keywords ‘information fluency’ caught my eye! Bravo for doing the good work! Let me suggest that you include our 21st Century Information Fluency website. We’ve got great resources and it is all there for free.

    Drop by: and see!


  2. arllennium said,

    My first blog comment from someone who is not in my class. Another milestone for me!

  3. elizabeth said,

    Interesting about the RSS feeds for children, I hadn’t thought about that am am looking forward to taking a look. I have added a couple of your suggestions to my RSS and my blogroll, thanks for the helpful information Arlene. The blogging really jumps to a new level when the audience expands, it is quite exciting to have access to all these points of view and so much information.

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