Introduction: Process of Setting Up a Blog

January 20, 2008 at 8:00 pm (blog)

Whether setting up the blog in Blogger or WordPress, it takes no more than four or five minutes.  As I have mentioned, what took the most time was trying to figure out what URL I wanted and what I wanted to call my blog.  It made me feel better that I could change my blog name later if I chose to but I would be stuck with the URL.  I spent lots of time agonizing over it and could have spent much more but in the end I told myself, “just make a decision already!”  And I did.  Arlennium it is.  I chose InfoTech4Lrng as I often make up my own abbreviations so it seemed natural to do this for my blog based on the name of this class.       

Choosing a Background
John and Val have already commented on the theme I chose for the background.  What I was actually looking for was a theme that looked like the default for Blogger, like Rhonda’s TL Blog, as it is one that I have used and like.  I like the bold colors which surprises me a bit why I chose the “Dusk” theme that I did.  When previewing the five pages of theme options, that was the one that popped out at me.  I tried a couple others (I like that you can preview what your page would look like before you stick with one) but I still went with the first one I chose. 



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