Introduction: Glitches Already?

January 20, 2008 at 8:03 pm (Uncategorized)

My first glitch had to do with the time.  I’m assuming that Blogger uses the time off the computer that is posting as a couple of the comments that I have posted on classmate blogs have used the time off of my computer which is an hour behind.  No matter how many times I have tried to fix this I haven’t had any luck and neither has my friendly-neighborhood tech so I have given up on this.  Some things just aren’t worth fighting. 

Unlike Blogger, WordPress put my first post time as 4 am Saturday morning (I was doing this on Friday evening).  So, I explored some of the tabs and found out that the time could be set under options.  What a great way this would be for students to learn about time zones! Something I wonder about is commenting.  The first comment I made on a classmate’s blog wouldn’t allow anonymous comments (blogger preference?) so I logged in because I have an account.  Wouldn’t this deter someone from commenting if they didn’t have an account?  I plan to post a comment on my own WordPress blog to see how this works. 

I couldn’t wait to start putting links to blogs and websites into my blog.  I liked how my new blogroll was looking and liked even better that if I put my cursor over top of the link that I could preview what the blog looked like without having to click on it!  What I didn’t like was the fact that my links were mixed in with my blogs.  How do I separate these?  “Need help? / Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.”  My answer was only a few clicks away.  I typed “links” into the supersized-search box (I like the large size because it somehow made it seem like I was back in elementary school.  I wonder if they intended this?  I’ve never seen a big search box that used large font like this.) and decided to select “widgets” from the choices since it was on my red-light traffic list to learn about.  In the spirit of just-in-time learning (Valenza), I found out what a widget is (self-contained code to help personalize what is in the sidebar of your blog) and where to find them to manipulate them.  Within a couple minutes I was adding links but now the new problem was I couldn’t see them.  Back to FAQ to find out that I needed to add categories to my links so that they would appear otherwise they defaulted to the blogroll which explains why they appeared there.


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