Introduction: Blog Evaluation

January 20, 2008 at 8:28 pm (blog)

What’s unique and different about posting thoughts and reflections into a blog is that I can link directly to the multimedia source that spurred my thinking whether it is an image, visual, podcast or video.  The reader can gain more background knowledge or they can see if they agree or disagree with what my interpretation was.  Someone else may not agree that the format of WordPress with its blue and white colors are more mature and sophisticated over Blogger’s bold youthful appearance.  This may then encourage them to post a comment.  It is only natural that, given the theme of this class – information technologies for learning – that we would be reflecting on how we could use the new Web 2.0 technologies for learning with our students in meaningful ways so that the technology is not the focus but a tool.  Students could easily set up their own blogs.  What could they put in them?  They could reflect on the ups and downs of their own inquiry (Valenza), reflect while reading, conduct a literature circle discussion with their reading group, celebrate their learning by posting their work or help the teacher by posting class activities and with a real audience outside the classroom.  The classroom extends far beyond the its walls.  I would like to further explore some of the blogs set up for education purposes.



  1. tldlblog said,

    Wow, what a lot of ideas, comments and thinking already and we have only just begun.

    I like that you talked about “unlearning” in several different ways. Here is a link to something Will Richardson wrote about the unlearning curve. Interesting stuff.


  2. arllennium said,

    I didn’t know what I was describing actually had a name! Thanks for the link.

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