World War I Soldier Lives On

January 19, 2008 at 10:38 am (blog)

I heard about this on CBC’s The National within the last couple of weeks.  A grandson of a World War I soldier found a box of letters that were sent home during the war.  Letters are posted on the anniversary date of when they were first written.  It has attracted quite a blog following (25,000 hits).  People are waiting to see what happens to him.   

What I found most interesting at the end of the CBC newstory was how before this technology, we assumed that these WWI stories would lost as there are so few WWI veterans still alive.  However, in this case, the blog is keeping the story alive. 

I can’t wait to see what happens…



  1. John said,

    Hi Arlene – Just had a look at the “Harry Lamin’s letters” posts that you mentioned. Quite a profound way to use a blog.
    Also, I really love the theme for your page, elegant.

  2. steph said,

    I appreciate hearing about your agonized process of choosing a name. Mine was similar. I moved forward mostly through the snorts of laughter at my dithering that came from my 18 year old son,Dan as he coached me.

    You’ve got so many things linked! Hope I can figure out how to do likewise.all this is so new to me.

  3. Val said,

    Hi Arlene:
    Great blog. I like your choice in backdrop and colour. Great link and story of Harry Lamin’s World War 1 experience. What a fantastic way to use a blog, generate excitement and bring World War 1 back to life, with the letters and great pictures. I have now added that blog to ‘my favourites’.

  4. worldwar1letters said,

    Readers will also enjoy visiting the tale of an American soldier at Soldier’s Mail: Letters Home from a New England Soldier 1916-1919 at

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